Straw Bale Timber Frame in North Carolina

December 17, 2012

It’s a small world indeed.  Matthew Agrella-Sevilla wrote us a couple years back when his wife landed a job at The Mountain School here in Vershire.  He was wondering if we might need a hand.  As it turns out, he was no stranger to our work, having helped to finish a straw bale home for which Josh and his former business partner Ben Yeomans had designed and built a timber frame down in North Carolina.  Matthew, who has been a wonderful addition to the TimberHomes crew, recently had cause to visit those friends  and brought back a sweet testimonial from Margaret and George:

“This month marks the fifth year of living in our timber-frame home. We love our house! Our appreciation for this structure has not waned one bit in all these years. Everyday, we truly enjoy being in this beautiful space. Our love for our home has been deepened by the fabulous experience we had with our timber-framers, Josh Jackson and Ben Yoemans.”

While Ben has moved on to straw bale work on the Reservations out west and Josh is now in Vermont with his family and a partner in TimberHomes LLC, it is fun to cast an eye back to past projects, to reconnect with old clients and especially delightful to hear that they continue to enjoy our work.  A picture from that raising day so long ago as well as some funny memories of towing the crane up the rain-slick driveway and rescuing joists from the wrong side of the creek.

pine and cherry timber frame

Boom truck for timber frame raising on Straw Bale house

The sceneThe frame is up and the chimney's trapped