Spring is Upon Us! Build a Pergola.

March 29, 2019

Spring is upon us!  As the snow melts, your imagination skips from planting seeds and planning your garden to finally creating that backyard oasis that you have been dreaming about for years.

Shelter for an earth oven in Rhode Island

TimberHomes Vermont can make your dreams into a reality.  Imagine a stunning timber framed pergola draped with twisting vines, sheltering summer dinners that stretch languidly as plates pass from hand to hand.  A pergola is a place to escape with your morning coffee and watch the sun rise.  The backyard oasis that a pergola creates begs you to curl up with a delicious book on a sultry afternoon.  Lit with gorgeous sparkling lights tucked into the eves, it offers an intimate space to share evening cocktails and stories with friends.

It’s a place to both shelter and showcase the hot tub or outdoor pizza oven you’ve been coveting.  It’s the place to watch your children and grandchildren grow year over year, like bean stocks unfurling under the summer sun.

A pergola creates a focal point for your yard, giving it shape and a structured backdrop for summer blooms in the midst of a wash of mixed greenery.  A pergola can have as many personalities as the people in your town. It can be a simple structure with the sky peeking between the wood beams that were grown right here in the hills of Vermont, or it can be more intricate: with clean straight lines creating a contrast to landscape of wildflowers, or naturally twisting trees holding up an intricate swirling round roof.  If you have just the wisp of an idea or a plan fully laid out, TimberHomes will create a space that will transform your backyard from something that you look at through the living room window, to a place that draws you outside to luxuriate in the colors and sounds of summer.


TimberHomes Vermont is ready to help you to jump-start your dreams of making your backyard into an outdoor oasis with a stunning timber framed pergola that will last for generations.





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A spiral of spruce beams in a reciprocating pavilion