New Post and Beam Bunkhouse Celebrated through the Arts

October 15, 2015

In rare and special cases, we get to be involved in projects so unique, they inspire works of art. An all-star volunteers who worked on the post and beam bunkhouse that was recently raised at the Moosilauke Ravine Lodge felt so compelled, and wrote a song to share his gratitude. First is a short video about the workshop, followed by the lyrics to Phil’s song (Hum to the tune of “Play the Funky Music”, originally written by Wild Cherry) –


“Raise that Bunkhouse Timber Framers”
words by Phil Wagner

Verse 1

I met some timber framers
Layin’ out some timbers of pine
They had all kinds of chisels
And things that they called tenons and splines

They taught us ‘bout the Square Rule
It seemed like something made by a geek
But once I got it started
I knew that it would be a good week

And we were sawin’, and borin’
And planin’ all the tenons
And when they were finished
Somebody turned around and shouted,

Raise that bunkhouse timber framers
Pound those pegs into those plates
Raise that bunkhouse timber framers
Thanks 66’s the workshop and instructors were so great

Verse 2

At first it wasn’t esay
So many places to lose a limb
The dovetails all were shaky
They made us fill ‘em all in with shims

But soon we were all cruisin’
With beams so fresh the pine sap still oozed
Instructors were so cheerful
Probably ‘cause they stole all our booze


Verse 3

I so love impact drivers
They make my arms so weary and sore
Their noise it filled my dreamin’
Oh wait that’s just the sound of the snores

But lodge food is so tasty
For strength to take on every new day
The poems, snacks and stretching
They make us wish that we could all stay


Thanks Phil!

A smaller crew has remained on site, led by our own Andrew Catlin, to get the post and beam building enclosed. Here’s a current shot of all the work that’s been done.

New timber frame bunkhouse being finished

Newest addition to the Moosilauke Ravine Lodge is dried in