Stairs & Fine Woodworking

Purposeful, Handcrafted, Heirloom Woodworking

TimberHomes has done a wide array of crafts and custom woodworking, from beds to kitchen cabinets to stained glass lamps. These projects have generally been for clients we're already building for, and they offer an opportunity to get especially creative. Check out our portfolios of staircases, cabinetry, and light fixtures below.


Staircases can be the centerpiece of a beautiful finished home, or simply a way to get upstairs. From polished spiral staircases to rugged mortise and tenon barn stairs to ships ladders, we have a number of elegant stair solutions to fit the occasion.

Showcase of Staircases

Light Fixtures

TimberHomes partner Josh Jackson has built myriad custom stained glass and paper light fixtures over the years. Lighting is an-all important element to crafting a comfortable environment. Check out some of these custom projects, and see the light.

Gallery of Light Fixtures

Cabinets and Fine Woodworking

Vermont's forests provide a fantastic palette of hardwood hues to work with. Finishing a home with custom cabinetry that reflects our natural resources can be a great way to tie a finished space together with a timber frame, and enrich an already soulful space.

Portfolio of Woodworking and Cabinetry
TimberHomes Vermont