Timber Frame Pavilions Make Great Outdoor Classrooms

Beautiful, Durable, Handmade

Hand-Made Timber Frame Pavilions

TimberHomes Vermont has built countless timber frame pavilions since we opened up shop in 2003. When it comes to pavilions, outdoor classrooms and other open structures, a Timber Frame is really the best option. Our Timber Frame Pavilions are rugged and come with an engineers stamp, so you know that it will stay put!

"The Rochester" Timber Frame Pavilion

The "Rochester" Timber Frame Pavilion is simple, rugged, and elegant. Outshot braces in the bents leave plenty of space in the middle of the pavilion. Such a beauty! The pavilion provides a 20’x22′ shaded area, but if you need more space you can keep adding bents indefinitely until you get to the square footage that you need.

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The "Flared-Roof" Timber Frame Pavilion

The “Flared-Roof" timber frame pavilion is similar to our "Rochester" Pavilion, but It is a bit larger and has a beautifully designed flared roof and curving tie beams reminiscent of a classic looking Japanese teahouse. The Flared Roof Pavilion comes in three sizes 24’6” x 25’ (612 SF of roof coverage), 24′6" x 38′ (931 SF of coverage), and 24'6" x 51' (~1250 SF of coverage). If you need a larger pavilion you can keep adding bents indefinitely. This model is another great option for extra outdoor classroom space.

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The Flying Cloud Reciprocating Timber Frame Pavilion

This timber frame pavilion spans a 32-foot diameter giving about 800 square feet of open space. The elegant simplicity of this structure derives from one of our favorite structural techniques: the reciprocating frame. In a reciprocating frame, each rafter rests on its neighbor, which in turn carries the next one in sequence. The result is a self supporting roof that needs no interior supports, and a beautiful latticed roof pattern that draws the gaze upward, towards the center of the space. Reciprocal frames are a great way to build wide-open, sheltered spaces with a small number of heavy beams.

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Timber Frame Solar Shelter as Outdoor Classroom

While this timber frame structure was initially intended to be used as a carport, It has found use as flexible outdoor space for some folks as well. It comes in two options: open and semi-enclosed. The enclosed version in particular would work quite well as an outdoor classroom.

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