New Timber Framed Porch in the Neighborhood

June 24, 2020

When planning for site work we try to stay within a one-hour radius of one of our shops. It’s less expensive for everyone, we burn less fuel getting there, and it means our crew doesn’t spend too much time commuting. We got lucky with this most recent porch build in Montpelier. This new custom timber frame porch is a five minute drive from our Montpelier shop and right across the street from one of TimberHomes’ employee owners. Timo told us before we started, “we gotta make this one look good because I’m going to be looking at it for the rest of my life!”

The lower oak corner posts and lower interior black locust forks are scribed to boulders that sit on top of concrete pier foundations. The oak and locust are naturally rot resistant and will hold up to the heavy Vermont precipitation better that most other options. The upper level of the deck consists of white pine posts, plates, and rafters with custom curved cherry braces and ties. This porch is an example of the best that TimberHomes Vermont has to offer; custom scribed work, sustainably harvested local materials, natural rot resistance, unique tree forms, and a whole lot of character.