New Hampshire Lakes Region Barn

July 29, 2012
The TimberHomes crew who cut and raised this Queenpost equipment barn in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire

L-R Matthew, Al Rollins, David, Jane Rollins, Shannon, Timo, Josh, Hank.

Our clients in the Lakes region of NH simply did not have ample space to handle the various projects that a retired university facilities manager might want to undertake – vehicles to be kept alive, cabinets to build, and lots more.  Al was a force in the construction of the Moosilauke Crew Cabin in 2009-10, and so as he thought about a barn, his thoughts cycled quickly back to us…This queen post barn was designed to suit all his needs, including ample space for waltzing.

Compagnons du devoir from France help build the timber frame barn for a day

French carpentry students visit our job site for the day

The Timberhomes crew swarmed the site for a week. On day four, we were joined by sixteen young French students of Carpentry. The Timber Framer’s Guild of North America helped facilitate a visit for these teenagers to tour New England and get a sense for what timber framing is like in the US. Will Beemer, director of the Heartwood School in Western Massachusetts, brought these young “rabbits” along with the school’s own three apprentices to help roof the barn, install window framing and girts, lay flooring, and give our French a run for it’s money. Thankfully, 80% of our on-site crew spoke enough French in order to explain: nail here! That board goes there! Great job!

You can read about their experience in the US in this Article in the Guild’s journal : Timber Framing. TF 105- Apprentice visit from France

Other than delectable and copious meals, an overflight of the enclosed barn on Day five of the work in Al’s Cessna 175 was of course, the high point!