Helen Doyle-TimberHomes’ Newest Owner

April 30, 2018

Helen Doyle, one of TimbeHomes’ longest standing employees has agreed to become the 6th worker-owner of the business. While the decision took time, it seems to the other member-owners to be a logical next step forward in the development of the company. Afterall, few know TimberHomes as well Helen or bring as much talent and insight to the table.

Through an early house project in Lyme, NH, where she was working as a gardener, Helen first got to know the TimberHomes in 2010. After helping a little on the project, Helen was invited during the winter to join the crew at the Vershire shop to fabricate some of the company’s early trailhead kiosks and to learn some timber framing. She formally joined the company full time the following summer where she worked full time for two years both as a timber framer and a bookkeeper.


Helen hard at work

Though she didn’t have any formal training in either fields, her intellect and work ethic quickly made her an indispensable member of the team.  During TimberHomes’ early years, Helen’s quick grasp of lay out techniques and nimble, energetic style on the shop floor raised the bar for all. In the office, her astute, clearheaded approach helped professionalize the company.

However after two years, Helen decided to change careers. Having been a geology major in college and interested in education, she took a one year science teaching position at a high school in Claremont, NH. Deciding that she preferred an “older crowd”, she then pursued a master’s degree in Geology. Upon completion, she moved to central Vermont in 2016 to begin teaching Geology at both Norwich University and the Community College of Vermont’s (CCV) Montpelier campus, where she still works part time today.

Fortunate for TimberHomes, Helen stayed involved or at least in touch during the 3 plus years she was pursuing education.  On several occasions, she was called on to help teach at timber frame workshops both at Dartmouth’s Mooislauke Ravine Lodge and at project in North Carolina.


Helen with her favorite timber framing tool – the Mafell beam saw

To provide a mind/body balance to her life and a continuation of the joys of timber framing, she began working a couple of days of week and during the summer holidays at TimberHomes’ Middlesex facility. In her own words, she explained, “I really just like working here”. Between the geometry, the specialized timber framing tools, and the fun coworkers, coming back to TimberHomes was for Helen like “coming home”.

As a member-owner, Helen intends to carry on as she has done for the last two years. Though part time, she will continue as one of the company’s timber framing authorities, occasional special office project leads, and general arbiter for all things important. Accordingly, she takes pride in her ability in “telling people when they’re not making any sense”. Goodness knows that we all need someone like that in our lives!

riley-worlds' cutest dog'

World’s Cutest

When she’s not timber framing or teaching, Helen enjoys playing the fiddle and the stand up bass. She’s currently a member of the central Vermont cajun band Chaque Fois and is on call for a number of other musical groups. Quilting and biking also rank highly as her other free time pursuits. Riley, “the world’s cutest dog”, not to mention possibly the smelliest, awaits Helen’s attention at the end of her work day.

woman-timber-frame-carpenter-in pine-and-cherry-frame

Helen combining some of her favorite things!

Finishing Cherry & Ash Spiral Stair

Helen puts on the finishing touches


Helen gearing up for winter work with her new jumpy!