Maple & Cherry Ships Ladder Stair

December 10, 2013

A warm and cozy Wednesday afternoon was spent this week in the home of a former client, installing a custom ships ladder stair into their future loft bedroom. The design keeps things simple and elegant: eye-catching cherry treads plug into locally harvested rock maple stringers, and are accented by slender brass balusters. Two coats of spar varnish will protect the wood from wear.  The balusters rise from the outer stringer and plug into an existing ceiling joist. All humans present plus Ada the dog took an inaugural trotted up the stairs, and all felt well supported in the endeavor.

ships ladders stairs with cherry treads

Stairway to Heaven

Brass balusters catch the afternoon light

Brass balusters catch the afternoon light

cherry treads in ships ladder stairs

Cherry treads with contrasting heartwood & sapwood