Information Kiosk raised in North Carolina

October 5, 2015
Mortise and tenon signboard with curving cherry tie beams at the Cedar Mountain Community Center near Brevard, NC

Big timbers, with tiny tot atop stone wall

TimberHomes’ partner company Faulkner Woodworking (FWW) recently completed this stylin’ mortise and tenon signboard for Cedar Mountain Community Center just outside their shop’s home in Brevard, North Carolina.  The sign is an information kiosk for community members driving on NC Route 276 between Greenville, SC and Brevard, NC. The carpenters at FWW used the traditional square rule layout system, carried south by former TimberHomes all-star, Matthew Agrella-Sevilla. If you look closely at the shop shot you will see that the through mortises are off set – this is due to the diameter of the tree, and to account for the wane on the outside of the curving cherry.

The signboard comprises 7×7 white oak posts (a great species for exterior applications like this information kiosk), curving cherry ties sourced from sawyer Scott Gross of Clear Creek Wood Products, and eastern white pine plates, braces, rafters, and roof decking. The rock foundation, seen in the photo below, was laid by a CMCC board member, and the roofing is reclaimed metal.

Faulkner woodworking is a full-service timber framing company serving North Carolina and all the southern Appalachians. We partner with them on a range of timber framing projects- information kiosks are a small part of their large repertoire. Check out the FWW website for more.

CMCC in shop

Test fitting the information kiosk in the shop

CMCC Zoom2

Joinery close-up