Timber Frame Barn in Landgrove, Vermont

September 9, 2012

TimberHomes LLC just put up a timber frame barn in Landgrove, Vermont.  We spent six days on site pre-assembling bents, raising the frame, building stairs, putting floors down, and installing siding and windows.  The weekend raising was a family event with the clients’ daughter attaching the wetting bush (an ancient timber framing custom to thank the trees for giving their wood to the frame and also to offer thanks for a safe raising).  A number of the client’s friends came to volunteer their help with installing flooring, hanging recycled window sash units in new frames built by the owner, and helping out with the raising.  The frame is Hemlock with shop built transom windows, site built doors and shop built timber framed main stairs.


Looking through fresh barn doors


Client’s daughter puts up the whetting bush with TimberHomes assistants.

Installing transom windows in a barn

Installing transom windows made on site

Landgrove big barn mortise and tenon staircase

Rugged mortise and tenon staircase

Landgrove big barn second floor

Second floor middle aisle

Landgrove big barn

Exterior with finished siding and windows installed

Landgrove big barn with crew

The TH crew gathered at the end of the work week