Another Gnome is Born

April 22, 2013

Matthew and Lauren are excited to be bringing the newest TimberHomer to the team.  Asa Enrique Agrella-Sevilla was born on December 10, 2012.

For Asa’s four-month birthday celebration, he and his dad took a trip to Asa’s first sawmill.  And who knows if there could be a better mill to take your son to than Goodridge Saw Mill in Albany, Vermont?  A big thanks to Colleen and her sons for the beautiful cedar, for holding Asa while I loaded the sticks, and for the gift of a children’s book about the Goodridges’s own mill. Knuckleboom Loaders Load Logs: A Trip to the Sawmill, by Joyce Slayton Mitchell, was published in 2003; we suspect Asa will love it when his attention span is long enough to check out Steven Borns’s great photographs illustrating the book.

Agrella-Sevilla Family