A Song to Celebrate A Reciprocal Roof Pavilion

July 15, 2016

Daniel Girard, our incredible friend and media maker, gave us this beautiful gift. As homemade and from the heart as banana bread, this video was produced by Daniel to celebrate the raising of a pavilion at Flying Cloud, part of the Farm and Wilderness Camp in Southern Vermont. He took all video footage and images, wrote the song, sang it and accompanied himself, and even has some cameos.

This was a special process for us, a building that had been long in the making for both TimberHomes and Farm and Wilderness. We were so lucky to have Daniel’s presence on site that week. Awesome buildings can draw an awesome community of people together. This song is about journeying towards home, building one, finding yourself there.

Learn more about this special reciprocal roof frame on our main website: Reciprocal Roof Frame  and Reciprocating Pavilion.

Lyrics (so you can sing along)

The first foot forward
is the one that will describe which way you go
Step strong and deeply and trust your wiser heart to know
You will find home

On this dark morning
you’ll scribe a circle in the earth and clear the snow
You’ll place the stones which I will rest upon and grow
To be your home

Carry me there
and on these legs I will stand strong upon this ground
I will support the love that we have sought and found
To be our home

As clouds do fly, on forked post, the rafter floats the span
But only for the tree before does any rafter stand
As spiral flown our love has grown and circles back again
To bring us home

I’ll be your shelter
and with these arms I will keep you from the storm
I’ll hearth the fire that gives you light and keeps you warm
I’ll be your home

CHORUS repeats

As the day falls into the night
I will reflect the fire’s light upon our love
We’ll not forget that the stars still shine above
To bless our home