A Pair of Pergolas

August 11, 2020

TimberHomes Vermont just put up a pair of prominent and playful pergolas in Middlesex, Vermont, a couple of weeks ago. It was a fun and pretty bit of framing which was just one component of a more broad landscape redesign on an existing property.

After inheriting a conceptual design from Black River Design, TimberHomes Vermont worked closely with Terry Solomon of LiveScape Design, who is a truly skilled stone builder and landscaper. He built an extraordinary blue-stone patio and fire-pit area, and provided the proper foundation, earthwork, drainage, and stone work on which our pergolas would perch.

One pergola is made with square-milled timbers, whereas the other one is supported with 4 forked black locust posts. All of the wood in this project is either white oak or black locust, both of which have excellent rot resistance for exposed situations like this.