Historic Timber Frame Kiosks

May 8, 2019

The Army Corps of Engineers installed eight timber frame historic park kiosks for flood control facilities this spring. The kiosks were built using classic timber frame techniques. “The [kiosks] were very easy to put together.  Instructions were straight forward and all of the joints went together smoothly.  Very nice craftsmanship,” said Army Corps of Engineers Project Manager Steve Patchkofsky.

TimberHomes’ historic park kiosks are individually hand crafted.  We ship our timber frame kiosks to parks, government agencies, non-profit organizations, businesses and towns across the United States.  Every timber used to build our park kiosks was harvested from New England trees using sustainable forestry methods.

“Due to frequent budget cuts and typical weathering, our current kiosk were in need of major repairs and design work. They no longer adequately held our brochures, signs and interpretive announcements. We looked at several options for replacing the structures.”  Some kiosks were small and flimsy with no structural support.  With others, the cost far exceeds our budget,” said Mr. Patchkofsky.

At TimberHomes, we work hard to make handcrafted products that will be both durable and beautiful.  We strive for excellent customer service and we work with our customers to design and build a product that meets their individual project’s needs.

“The kiosks we are purchasing will provide a positive visitor experience by providing plenty of room for safety announcements, park information and general regulatory signs,” said Mr. Patchkofsky. “The kiosk are aesthetically pleasing and will fit into the park surrounding. As a  manager, I am always cautious of installing an item that will be a liability or maintenance issue. I don’t expect to have those problems with these kiosk. Timber Homes has been a pleasure to work
with, and we expect to do further business with them in the future.”