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Structure with Soul

What We Build How We Build

TimberHomes is a design/build construction company in central Vermont. We make timber frames for barns, pavilions and cabins around New England, and build timber frame homes in our local community.

From Finished Homes to Trailhead Kiosks

Secluded timber frame home full of windows and light.

Timber Frames

Quality Construction with Local Resources

Timber Framing is the heart of our business. A decade of building together has honed our practice of cutting frames with character, working efficiently, sourcing locally and designing with care.

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cherry braces

Timber Frame Houses

Homes with Soul

Building new homes is an exciting, imaginative process. Our goal is to build healthy homes with tiny ecological footprints that match the needs of our clients, and that will be cared for and loved for generations to come.

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Gathering the community of builders who worked on this timber frame barn

Timber Frame Barns

Spacious, Rugged, Resilient

TimberHomes has been building timber frame barns since our start. Building a barn with us is a straightforward process, and results in a simple, elegant structure made from local timber that reflects an appropriate, historic way of building here in New England.

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Custom Outdoor Spaces

Shelter with Style

Timber frames make beautiful, durable outdoor structures. TimberHomes has built pergolas, pavilions, arbors, woodsheds, and more from local Vermont timber. We often use naturally rot resistant timber species for more exposed structures.

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Structures for Parks & Kiosks

Beautiful, Durable, Handmade

Our time-tested timber frame designs are durable and elegant additions to any outdoor public space. Check out pricing and specifications for our ready-to-assemble trailhead kiosks kits, wooden pavilions, benches, and picnic shelter kits, including options for delivery, installation, upgrades, and bulk discounts.

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Three-season cabin in Vermont.

Rustic Cabins, Bunkhouses & Artist Retreats

Quality Spaces to Nourish the Soul

Walking into a well-built cabin is like sliding a cozy blanket around your shoulders in winter. Bring nature indoors with rustic local timbers.

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Trademarks & Values

We embody our approach to construction by making healthy, beautiful, timeless structures that tread lightly on the earth. We’re building towards a culture that values soulful spaces and the craftspeople who make them, and supports Vermont’s forestry based economy. The curves and contours of the trees we harvest inspire the forms of our finished buildings.

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Why Timber Frame?

Framing in heavy timber with mortise and tenon joinery is a time tested way of making durable buildings. The history of timber framing in this country is fascinating, and we're lucky to build in a time when people once again appreciate the qualities of such beautiful structures.

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Community Powered Projects

Building timber frames is how we make our living. But we are also rooted, engaged, and find joy in making good things happen in our community. TimberHomes has manifested numerous buildings that were never for sale, but were built on a group's dedication to having space to share. The impressive buildings these processes have yielded have been some of our most interesting timber frames, and will be cared for long into the future.

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The TimberHomes Team

Our vision of a collaborative design/build company has evolved and grown but our underlying desire to create work of soul, beauty and function remains the foundation. We hope to delight our clients, take pleasure in our work, support our local sawyer and leave our forest in better health than we found it.

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