Sun Room / Yoga Studio built in partnership with Valley Home Improvement

December 14, 2021 by Shannon McIntyre

In early 2017, TimberHomes designed and built the timber frame portion of this beautiful sun room / yoga studio addition. The project has an interesting backstory, and the frame itself is described in great detail in this previous blog post, Scribed Timber Frame for Southampton Hybrid Sunroom. Check it out to watch a video of the raising, and to read about the hand-hewn hemlock beams, purlin trusses, and the hybrid nature of this frame.

Several years in, the owners have described this space as ‘magical’ and ‘a sanctuary’. One of them teaches yoga classes here, and it’s otherwise a sun room addition. This project was a collaboration with Valley Home Improvement, a triple bottom lines company that has been a mentor and partner to TimberHomes during our membership in a peer business group organized by the Northeast Energy Association.