Outdoor Classrooms and Meeting Places

A timeless response to a changing world

Robust, spacious, and breezy. These open-air structures offer a comforting place to gather.

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Featured Projects

Flying Cloud Reciprocating Pavilion

reciprocal timber frame outdoor structure

Charlotte White Oak Greenhouse

Bread Oven Shelter

A group of volunteers gather in front of the bread oven and shelter they just built

Green Mountain Timber Frame Pavilion

Flared Timber Frame Pavilion


Pavilions and Gazebos

Timber framed pavilions and gazebos offer an opportunity to push the boundaries of traditional timber framing. They provide shelter in a way that celebrates timber’s inherent strength and beauty. Pavilions create ideal spaces for gathering outdoors. They create a space that is both sheltered from the elements and also attuned to the natural rhythms of the outside world.

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The Vermont Solar Carport

A marriage between beauty and function, the Vermont Solar Carport is a handsome timber frame structure made with pine and white oak from New England forests and built right here in the Green Mountains. With a durable standing seam roof over a solid pine roof deck, our carport offers a lot in one package: it provides the economy and durability of roof-mounted solar, a classy parking shelter, and plenty of space to hang bikes, stack firewood or park other outdoor gear. Our unique design

The Vermont Solar Carport

Arbors and Pergolas

Arbors and pergolas are outdoor structures that are used to frame events or pathways. An ivy covered arbor may invite us to pass through. A pergola may form an inviting pool of shade on hot summer days. Structures like these make beautiful backdrops for backyard weddings and events.

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