Neighbors Helping Neighbors

May 19, 2020 by Charles Rollins

A lot of us who work at TimberHomes are bike enthusiasts.  There’s a great volunteer-run community bike shop in Montpelier called Freeride, and we have had various overlaps with them in the past.  Timo’s family visits frequently looking for new bikes for the rapidly growing kids, and Mikey helped build shelving (using a mortiser, a specialized timber framing tool) in the bike shop a couple of years ago.

Freeride is busy right now.  Bikes work well for social distancing, and the weather’s getting nicer.  Freeride gets a lot of donations of old bikes and rehabilitates them to sell affordably.  Sometimes, though, an old bike can’t be saved.

We recently lent the TimberHomes truck to the Freeride cause to take a big pile of old bikes to the metal recycling yard.  Don’t worry, they took the useful components off the bikes first.